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Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker Review (Your sleep well buddy)

A good life starts with a great sleep. Just a good dose of refreshing sleep can keep you active and alive all through the day and boost your performance ability.Here is a Beddit 3 sleep tracker review. Beddit is designed for an efficient monitoring of your sleep. Most of the people are busy and stressed out with their daily hectic routine.And in that case wearing a normal sleep tracker or keeping it charged always can be a sort of headache.But with the evolution in technology,Beddit is designed in such a way that it provides a quality sleep monitoring without even wearing it. All you have to do is place the sensor strip on top of your mattress just inside your bedsheet and plug it into power and then connect it via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device.And now all that you have do is sleep.

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker Review

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker Review

Why purchase beddit? What makes it unique?

  • Sleep – Beddit keeps your sleep quality and quantity both at glance.
  • Heart rate – Beddit indicates your health quality, fitness and stress level as well.
  • Breathing – Beddit keeps sensing the number of your breathes, all through your sleep .
  • Snoring – Beddit has the ability the sense your snores which can indicate your poor sleep quality.
  • Optimization- Beddit Optimize your bedroom environment.

What are the other features of beddit?

Well beddit is not just a sleep tracker but a smart sleep tracker(thats why we post Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker Review).It has got features such as:

  • It is ultra thin,flat and soft
  • It has accurate and automatic tracking
  • It has smart alarm clock
  • Ambient noise awareness
  • Senses temperature and humidity
  • Efficient sensoring

Why is beddit 3 better than 2.0?

The biggest difference between beddit 2.0 and 3 is the ultra thin sensor strips. Beddit 2 has the method for attaching the sensor to the bed which is an adhesive strip.Whereas beddit 3 can has fabric housing incorporating a series of rubber bumps underside providing friction to stop the strip moving around in your bed. Also beddit 3 has upgraded sensors

Beddit is path to a good and healthy sleep. It understands sleep patterns and gives an analysis of your sleep quality.By knowing what’s happening at night one can effectively improvise their sleeping habit and quality.

It connects daytime activities with sleep quality.The things you do all through the day highly affects your sleep. With beddit you can see how sleep quality is connected to ones daily activities, feelings, habits or environment and with this one can avoid sleep spoilers.

Every difference is made with a change. With the help of this smart sleep tracker you can adjust the routine and see the results.

Beddit also adds to its feature having capacitive touch sensor which instantly starts and stops monitering when you get to the the bed or get off the bed. This upgraded version of beddit also has environment sensors to measure temperature and humidity in the room environment.

Overall observation

Beddit is all that one needs to improve your sleep and boost your performance by achieving a good sleep. After all when you sleep well, you keep well, Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker Review is especially beneficial for those who feel tired throughout the day due to pressure or stress and lack of sleep. Beddit will gradually help you to achieve a perfect sleep by helping you with the help of overnight analysis. Beddit is comparatively more effective than other sleep tracker as it is a no wear sleep tracker with lots of fantastic feature.Beddit is a smart sleep tracker that can help your bad sleep quality turn into reality of “good sleep and sweet dreams” term.

Tech specs

What’s in the box?

The box contains a Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor along with USB Power Adapter and User Manual Guide

Dimension of the product

It has sensors measuring 80 × 8 × 0.15 cm / 31.5 × 3.1 × 0.06 inch and cable measuring Cable 3 meters / 10 feet

What are the Sensor types in beddit 3?

  • Piezo force sensor
  • capacitive touch sensor
  • humidity sensor
  • temperature sensor
  • Microphone (in the smartphone) Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • Automatic measurement feature – iOS only

Sleep Monitoring

The Beddit app tracks a number of sleep metrics. These include:

  • Sleep time and efficient data
  • time it takes to fall asleep
  • light and deep sleep cycle
  • time awake in bed
  • time you enter the bed and get off the bed along with sleep score.

In the morning, you’ll automatically be given a sleep score to see how well your night’s rest has been. With measurements you can work on your sleep cycle. Beddit 3 can also calculate average breathing rate and heart rate. Data is automatically transferred to your smartphone for look out on it. One can also take advantage of smart alarm feature and set a smart alarm to wake yourself up in the period of light sleep in the morning.This can help to prevent tiredness and restlessness all through out the day

Beddit device and mobile app is user friendly as it is easy to use.hope you like our Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker Review.

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