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Do I Need VPN for Kodi? If Yes Then Why?

It has been a regular affair that numerous persons occasionally ask me the question, do I need VPN for Kodi. Well to answer this, I will ask you a simple question, do you keep your cash and jewellery open or you keep them in a locker. Will you keep them in open, so that someone can steal it easily. Even if most of the people does not intend to steal your belongings, still would you like to make the task easier for the person who intend to do so. The answer is that you will use the locker

Similarly, it is always safe to use VPN with kodi, so that you will be stress free that something intruding will not happen. A VPN with Kodi can save you from numerous problems that can obstruct your way if you are not lucky.

If you are the one, who usually ditch the cable as well as satellite bill, you must be aware of the many options present for streaming the TV shows as well as movies. There are mainstream paid services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Apple TV and Google Play Video for the streaming purpose but the Holy Grail for streaming is the Kodi. Kodi is considered as the home theatre software that can be run on any device.

do i need vpn for kodi

Kodi is basic and customizable, where you can plan the local media files as well as stream video out of the various add-ons. However, when you look at the unofficial add-ons, it opens up a whole new world of unlimited video streaming.

The unofficial add-ons are created by the people having no association with the Kodi Core team, but they create the add-ons which are intended to work with Kodi. There are a large number of add-ons (Unofficial) available in the market and it depends on the person and is his responsibility of installing these add-ons. The responsibility is both on legal as well as ethical grounds.

Do I Need VPN for Kodi? Here Is Answer

If you are using VPN regularly, then you must have heard about the VPN for Kodi. There are a lot of websites available related to Kodi, where they will recommend you to use VPN. In this article, we are also advising our readers to use VPN with Kodi. The question that arises in the mind is that if Kodi is a media player, then why one does requires VPN with Kodi?

We know that Kodi is a media player, but the question is that are we using Kodi to just play the media. We are actually using the Kodi to stream the audios as well as videos from the internet. There are many TV Shows and Latest Movies that we all are involved in streaming through Kodi, by the internet connection provided by our ISP. Streaming of such videos and movies directly from the internet is a very risky affair and one can end up losing his/her personal data. There are a lot of other threats, which are also involved in this process.

Now, we will look at how the VPN functions with Kodi and keep you safe online…


VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. As suggested by the Name, VPN is a network (Private), that virtually functions on the cloud. Thus, when a user is connected to a VPN, the IP of the user gets masked and only the Virtual IP gets available to the public. With the use of VPN, you can browse, stream as well as download the data from all over the world. For example, if you are in the United States and if you are connected to a UK IP through the VPN, then it will behave as if you are browsing the internet from the UK.

There are a lot of technical terms, which can be involved in this discussion like encryption, protocols, point to point connections as well as various other stuffs. But with the above discussion, you have a fair idea about the VPN. Now we will have a look at what is so special about the why vpn needed for kodi.

The answer is that there is nothing special about Kodi VPN. Kodi is a media player which is used in Firestick, Windows PC, Fire TVs, iPhones, iPads, tvBox etc. These devices mentioned above are all connected to the internet through the ISP. When the people use Kodi to stream videos and movies from the internet, the IP address of the ISP will be publicly available. It is indeed very risky to browse the content with your IP.

Installing the VPN on the Kodi will mean installing the VPN on the streaming device, which is in turn connected to the internet. So when the VPN is installed on the streaming device Kodi, the actual IP address of the device will get masked and it will be anonymous online.

Some of the major benefits of using the Kodi VPN are as follows:


  1. High Speed Downloading and Streaming: All the audio as well as video files that you are going to stream will get hosted on the private servers. When a streaming or download request is put forth the request is sent to these private servers. These servers, being located in the different parts of the world, can be accessed through the VPN. When the VPN gets connected to the servers in various locations, they get a very high internet and downloading speed. One can enjoy the videos without buffering and on a high speed.
  2. One can remain anonymous online: One can stay anonymous while streaming various videos, movies, tv shows as well as other interesting stuffs. Thus, to remain anonymous, one  will require VPN with Kodi.
  3. One can get access to Geo-Blocked Kodi add-ons: There are many add-ons which are available in Kodi, but which can be accessed only in specific countries. For example, Netflix and amazon prime are some of the services, which are restricted only to certain countries. In order to access these add-ons, one will need that country specific VPN.
  4. Preventing the ISP throttling: When one is using the internet from an ISP, they will monitor and track your internet usage and will throttle the speed after the limit is reached. But when one is using the VPN, the ISP will not be able to track the internet usage and thus one can enjoy the streaming and downloading at full speed and to an unlimited level.


There are several drawbacks that one will have to face if they are not using the VPN on Kodi. They can face the issues like IP tracking, low download speed, loss of personal data, buffered videos and many other minor problems. A VPN is always recommended if one wants to prevent and avoid these problems.


VPN is considered as one of the biggest industries in the world of internet. There are a large number of VPN providers, across the world. To select the best one is a big challenge. One must first try to understand the difference between a paid and free VPN. Then we will be able to understand the suitability of best VPN for Kodi.


One has to keep this thing in mind that whenever the service is free it will be used by a large number of users. The resources available for the free services are always limited. Thus, when many people will send the request to use the VPN, everyone’s requests cannot be fulfilled. Thus, it is always recommended to use the paid VPN service for Kodi.

One basic thing that you need to understand is, whenever a service is available for free, it is obvious that many people are going to use it. The resources available for the free service are very limited. So when many people try to access, the VPN can’t be served for everyone. This is the major reason why we always recommend Paid Kodi VPN services.

One invites the risk of being monitored and tracked by using Kodi without the VPN. There are a lot of powerful entities, who have a cause of discouraging the streaming activities on the Kodi. These include government bodies, copyright holders as well as bodies having other corporate interests. These agencies are known to track the activities of the normal citizens also. If you have used Kodi to stream the bootlegged content, then you may have got the copyright infringement notice from the ISP.

There are many Kodi add-ons, which let you watch the TV videos as well as movies for free, can violate the copyright laws and can put you on legal grounds, if you continue to use them. You must also be aware of the fact that your ISP constantly monitors the activities you perform on the internet and can also share the data of your activity with the third party. If one is found streaming the bootlegged content, he may be fined, sued or the situation may get even worse. This year a biggest UK sports broadcaster, premier league, has issued a court order to the Kodi Pirates, who have streamed their content, without their permission. This has also paved the way for the US broadcasters to follow the suit. Along with this, five people were arrested for selling the Kodi boxes with various Kodi add-ons for streaming the free videos. By utilizing the VPN, one can save himself from all the problems mentioned above. The VPN route your connection through a neutral server, which makes it impossible for the authorities to track you. One cannot keep an eye on your online activities, if you are using VPN.

If someone is using a VPN with Kodi, one can keep his identity private. The bad guys like hackers, snoops, and scammers are also prevented to interfere with this process. The VPN encrypts the entire connection and helps to stay safe on network and keep you safe from the hackers. Kodi is an open source platform and is distributed by anonymous third parties and hence it is always a smart step to have protection against various privacy breaches. The above mentioned fact is true when the Kodi is used on Fire Stick, Fire TV, computer, mobile or other devices.

In the digital world of today, staying secure, safe as well as protection of one’s identity is  the major concern. Even if it is the case that you are not using Kodi for anything sketchy, still the VPN is going to offer you a peace of mind when you are connected to the internet and will help you become the victim of the security vulnerabilities of Kodi.

By using the VPN you can unblock the Kodi TV Add-ons as well as access the new content sources. There are a lot of good TV programs which can be streamed by utilizing the Kodi add-ons. These Kodi add-ons are blocked on the basis of user’s geographical location. Many top content sources like Netflix, HBO, BBC, ITV, ESPN and many more are blocked by the geographical locations. By using a VPN, along with Kodi one can convert his location and then can access these content sources.

By utilizing a VPN, by a single click, one can route his/ her connection through the servers located in different parts of the world. One can easily switch the locations to US, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries of the world. In this way, one can unblock the resources, available in these countries. Using the VPN is a cheap and easy way to get the peace of mind while using Kodi and the one can enjoy the exclusive videos, movies streamed from the internet in an uncontrolled manner.

How to Select the Best Kodi-VPN

Which is the best available VPN for the Kodi? There are a lot of VPN providers available today, but it is hard to find the difference between them so that we can select the best one. But there are some key differences between the best VPNs and Vulnerable VPNs. The Vulnerable VPNs will keep your security, vulnerable and will ultimately slow down your internet connection. Thus, it is always advised that one must d his/her research and find out the best VPN service. One should try to stay away from the free services as the paid services are much better and effective. Out of the paid services, one must try to look for a service having the best feedback and the best reviews. One can search the internet and can talk to various people in determining the feedback of the people regarding a particular service.

There are some main things, which the customers must look while selecting a VPN service for the Kodi. These are high quality security measures, highest protection of privacy as well as exceptional user experience like good speed and ease of use. The VPN that is intended to be used with Kodi must meet some minimum criteria to be used with Kodi like:

  • The VPN must have a zero log policy and it cannot have a DNS Leak. This is the major requirement from the VPN
  • The VPN service must provide the private servers for the users. There are many services, which don’t provide private servers and thus the main purpose is not achieved. The free servers don’t provide private servers and thus one must always look for the paid service.
  • The VPN service must have superior data encryption.
  • The VPN service must offer anonymous torrenting.
  • The VPN must also have an automatic Kill switch. This is one of the most sought features from the VPN service.
  • One must look for the VPN services which provide good speed. Slow speed will interrupt the activities and will not serve the purpose.
  • One must also look for the unlimited speed and bandwidth from the VPN. Otherwise the speed will be throttled and will make the activities very slow.
  • One should look for a VPN which offers support from multiple devices. One must also look for the capability to use it simultaneously on the multiple devices.
  • Also one should look for the VPN company with 24/7 customer care support. In case you are stuck somewhere you can get it sorted out with the help of executives.

Out of the research made for the best available VPN for Kodi the IPVanish is the best one. This is the VPN service specifically designed for Kodi. For the last decade IPVanish is one of the best services available. It is one of the biggest market players in the VPN domain.

NordVPN is also one of the best VPNs that are available and can be used along with Kodi. The main reasons due to which this can be used with Kodi are:

  • NordVPN provides the total protection with the advanced security as well as privacy features.
  • The servers of NordVPN are configured specifically to work with the Kodi and thus one gets maximum protection as well as good speed of the connection.
  • NordVPN has dedicated and extra fast servers, specifically for Kodi. One can get very fast streaming on Kodi by utilizing the NordVPN.
  • The rates of NordVPN are very nominal and currently they are offering the services at the rate of $3 per month for a 2 year plan.
  • The company has a very good customer care department and provides round the clock support to its clients.
  • They also offer a 30 days money back guarantee and thus one can opt for their services without having any risk.
  • The VPN offered by NordVPN are super easy to install.

Thus, in this article we have seen various VPNs, which are suitable for the Kodi. Also, it is stressed that one should try not to use the Kodi without a VPN. This will make them vulnerable to various problems that one can encounter, while sharing one’s IP on the internet. In order to have fast and unlimited streaming from the internet, one can always install a VPN along with Kodi.

The process of Installing VPN for Kodi:

  1. Once you have signed up for the VPN service, download the app on the devices, on which you want to have VPN.
  2. The best VPNs for the Kodi will offer the VPN app for all the operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS etc.
  3. After you have downloaded and installed the app on your device, Login into the app with the username and password you used for the Signup process.
  4. After the login, you will see a connect button. You will have to click on the connect button and choose the best server to connect to.

Once logged in, you’ll have a “Connect” button.  Just press it and it will take care of choosing the best server for you and connecting to it.

Can one install the VPN as Kodi add-on?

There are some add-ons which offer the facility of installing VPN as the Kodi add-on, it is very difficult to get these working. Many people have tried this, but faced numerous problems and encountered several errors.

Here We attached a Youtube Video In this video you will see how to setup VPN for all Kodi Addons, Include & Exclude Addons

Do I need to connect the VPN before the launching of Kodi?

The answer is that one does not need to open the VPN before opening the Kodi. The Kodi will open the VPN automatically and the traffic on Kodi will be automatically switched to the VPN. If one is in the middle of streaming the stream will pause for a moment and will again continue.

How to make sure if VPN is properly working for Kodi?

One can go to “myiplocation” website and see the IP it is showing. This IP is related to the exact location of the user as well as his ISP. After connecting to the VPN one can again refresh this website and then it will show the IP that is selected from the VPN.

It must be considered here that is using the Kodi for the streaming purpose is legal. The laws regarding the streaming are different in different countries. In the countries like US as well as UK the streaming is not illegal and it can be done till the data is not used for the commercial or personal profit purpose. However, some organizations and companies are now not allowing using the streaming and are considering it illegal. Hence, it is the responsibility of the person using streaming to verify the law in his/her location and then only try to use Kodi and use it for the streaming purpose.

Thus, in this detailed article, why do you need a vpn for kodi and we have seen the benefits of using the VPN with Kodi. Also, we have seen reviews of some of the best paid VPNs for Kodi. We have also seen the process of installing the VPN on Kodi. The readers can take the benefit of the information mentioned in this article and choose to install VPN with Kodi.  I hope that the query, should I use VPN with Kodi, is resolved now.

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